Title iii HBCU Student Aid and Financial Responsibility Act (SAFRA) Activities

The University has engaged in many strategic planning processes, The results of this engagement of identifying strengths and weaknesses has targeted the following three activities for improvement that Title lll SAFRA funds may address during the 2015-2020 five-year cycle. The fourth activity relates to overall SAFRA project administration.

· Focus Area: Academic Quality ·

Activity One

Using emerging information and digital Technologies Designed to Strengthen and Enhance Academic Quality

Dr. Chantell McDowell
This activity will explore and integrate new technological tools in the pedagogical process that will connect JCSU's 21st century students "where they are" in their online spaces to enhance their retention and graduation success. It also addresses the Academic Quality weakness noted in the CDP comcerning increasing technology utilization in preparing JCSU students to compete in the global marketplace that emphasizes knowledge management competencies.
Dr. Chantell McDowell

Activity Two

Creating a campus-wide culture for research by expanding the Smith Institute for Applied Research

Dr. Diane Bowles
This activity creates an infrastructure for students to develop research skills; for faculty to integrate research skill development in the curricula; and foster community engagement in action research that addresses public needs. This activity addresses the Academic Quality weaknesses noted in the CDP about attracting more students to traditional liberal programs especially JCSU programs in the arts and underrepresented STEM disciplines.
Dr. Diane Bowles

Activity Three

Enhancing student academic excellence through integrated wellness programming and multidisciplinary applied health research

Ms. Jennifer E. Lee
This activity focuses on building programs to educate, motivate and encouragestudents to discover, develop and apply their strengths to all facets of their lives - academic, career and personal, and healthy living, ultimately contributing to improved retention and graduation. This activity also directly addresses the weaknesses in the student services and outcomes as indicated in the CDP as it concerns the lack of integration and coordinated programming among campus student support services.
Ms. Jennifer E. Lee

· Focus Area: Institutional Management

Activity Four

Program Administration

Dr. Diane Bowles
Program Administration supervises all the SAFRA activities and ensuees the University's compliance with Title lll regulations, procedures and policies governing the project.
Dr. Diane Bowles



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